The Ohio State University Arts District School of Music


Farber Corporation oversaw the entire installation of the project’s hydronic system. This project was unique because it required the integration of a new piping system in the Timashev Music Building with a renovated piping system in Weigel Hall. The team at Farber Corporation was responsible for cleanly and expertly connecting all of the system’s components such as pumps, heat exchangers, fan coils, and VAV units to the chilled and hot water piping that would service the entire school of music. The main mechanical piping chase on the project posed the biggest challenge for the Farber team. The chase travels from the basement up to the 5th floor. The Farber team was faced with the installation of two heating hot water lines and two chilled water lines in the 10-foot wide shaft with very few viable access points. The team decided to prefabricate the piping to avoid welding in the tight space of the shaft. This decision meant that we had to work in tandem with all of the trades to position the tees that would feed into each floor. We also decided to weld the supplemental steel to the pipe at our fabrication shop. This meant that we also had to have the exact location of the building steel for it to connect perfectly when lowered into place.

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