Franklin County Corrections Center Phase 1


The Farber Team was responsible for the installation of the plumbing systems in the chases between the cell blocks at the Franklin County Corrections Center. These systems provide domestic water, sanitary waste, and vent piping to all inmate cells. This work required detailed and thorough coordination between trades such as sheet metal, electrical, fire protection, and hydronic piping. On top of the coordination, the field team worked diligently alongside the other trades to ensure the best quality final installation. The Farber team installed 310 ft. of R.O. water piping, 12,792 ft of sanitary underground, 18,589 ft. of sanitary and storm top out, 47,779 ft. of domestic water piping, and 2,630 ft of gas and air piping. The plumbing chases are designed and installed to allow for all maintenance to take place behind the cell rather than within the cell. This allows for the maintenance department to access all systems without presenting any operation or security risks. As with all projects completed by the team at Farber Corporation, this work was completed with passion, care, and attention to detail. Winner of the 2022 BX Craftmanship Award 

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